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Stripper Or Reporter, More News At 11

Stripper Or Reporter

I’m guessing this guy knew her before she slept her way into her new job as a news anchor. I’m kidding, it’s more likely he probably just mistook her for some other girl he met at the local nudie bar.

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Dildo Sport: Advance Sport Technology

Dildo Sport

I think using a dildo was an easy way to get laughs in this video, but the little kid at the end with the dildo on was definitely funny. It’s amazing what the parents of child actors will let their kids do.

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Fat Monkey Made Of Flip Flops

Fat Lazy Flip Flop Monkey

This may just happen to be one of the largest monkeys I’ve ever seen. It may be no King Kong, but it seems fitting that a monkey made of flip-flops would be fat and lazy. I’d like to imagine it just fell from the sky and landed like this.

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Funky Forest: As Weird As It Gets

Funky Forest

I’m assuming Funky Forest is a movie, but I really can’t take the time to research that; I’m still in awe of all the weird shit in this video clip here.

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The Top Ten Moves of Yoshihiko

Yoshiko Power Bomb

According to the YouTube description this is a ‘Japanese blow up doll wrestler who has a versatile mix of high flying, power moves, and excellent leg drop selling.’ That’s a good enough of description for me.

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A Dog Dancing The Merengue Really Well

Merengue Dancing Dog

If you’ve watched enough TV I’m sure you’ve seen people performing tricks with their dogs. It’s hardly cute and rarely very impressive. However, I admit I’m blown away by this Chilean man and his merengue dancing dog. Was putting a skirt on the dog necessary though?

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Hay Bailing Shenanigan You Just Have To See

Straw Bob Squarepants

So I don’t exactly know what hay bailing is, but I’m pretty sure this video explains what happens when you mix some drunk rednecks with a hay bailing machine. The end result of all this is what can only be described as Straw Bob Squarepants.

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Why Your Pizza Driver Hates You

Pizza Delivery Guy

The Phoenix New Times has a good article about why your pizza delivery guy hates you. Having once delivered pizzas myself I can say that I experienced everything on their list. If you happen to be one of these customers shame on you, and get your head out of your ass.

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Man Tries To Place Bet With Marijuana

Arrested For Betting With Marijuana

I love this guy’s entrepreneurial spirit, but if you want to bet with weed you might just want to play cards at home with your friends. As for the casino, they should be thankful he didn’t start out at the slots before heading over to the blackjack table.

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Pawn Stars ‘Old Man’ Gets A Lesson On Facebook

Pawn Stars Old Man Learns About Facebook

If you haven’t seen the show Pawn Stars on History Channel it’s basically Antiques Roadshow for men. The shows setting is a Las Vegas pawn shop, and ‘Old Man’ is definitely one of the funnier characters on the show. Here’s a clip of Corey, ‘Old Man’s’ grandson, trying to explain the concept of Facebook to him.

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The Bear And The Bird Feeder

Bear And A Bird House

You have to appreciate the determination this bear has to get himself a delicious treat. Apparently picnic baskets aren’t the only thing that will spark a bears interest.

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Steven Wright Quotes

Steven Wright

The guy on the couch, Steven Wright, has one of the driest senses of humor you’ll ever find. It’s exactly why I love him. If you like one line jokes you might already be a Steven Wright fan. Regardless of whether you’re not a fan or not, check out these quotes and prepare to be blown away.

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Best Friends, Until You F**k With My Food

Best Friends

What’s with those dogs that growl at you while they eat their food? Do I look like I want to eat some dog food? Didn’t I just put that food in the bowl and give it to you? I’m just glad we’ll be back to best friends after you finish that food.

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Megan Fox Looking Good In Tiny Shirts

Megan Fox

This isn’t real news, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to post pictures of Megan Fox in tiny shirts.  Do we think Brian Austin Green or his son Kassius really mind her borrowing the shirts.  Can you really blame her either?  The kid has good taste.  Voltron and Star Wars;  where’s he shopping?

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2-Year-Old Indonesian Baby Smokes 40 Cigarettes A Day

2 Year-Old Smoking

Rarely does anyone describe smoking as cute, but that was my first reaction when seeing this video. About 30 seconds in I started feeling bad for the boy, and changed my attitude. Reminds me of that monkey in the zoo whose addicted to smoking. Typical case of monkey see monkey do as they say.

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